Pep Guardiola refuses to go all-in on Manchester City’s Champions League dream

Pep Guardiola refuses to go all-in on Manchester City’s Champions League dream Featured

By / Premier League / Sunday, 04 August 2019 06:31

Pep Guardiola admits his Manchester City team will never be regarded as a European great until it wins the Champions League.

But the Blues boss also said that if he was offered the chance, right now, to repeat last season’s feat of winning consecutive Premier League titles, he would take it.

City won all four domestic trophies last season, the first club in history to manage that.

But they still felt they did not get the recognition they deserved, especially compared to the way Liverpool have been lauded for their final triumph over Tottenham.

But Guardiola said that to get full appreciation, City need to emulate the Merseysiders and win the elite European Cup.

But he said that he won’t be focussing on that aim at the expense of domestic success next season, comparing it to a roulette game.

“You have to win in Europe - those seven games,” he said, referring to the tough knockout phase of the Champions League.

“Of course it's fair. The Champions League is an important tournament, difficult to win. But I don’t want to go to the casino and gamble everything I have in my pocket for seven games. I don’t want it.

“I think I want to be happy during 11 months. It makes me happy, the Premier League, and every game in the cups. When I win, the days after I am happier. I go to the restaurants better, I feel better, I work better

with my players. That's what it gives me.

“Am I going to wait until February to play seven games with everything on black colour? From my point of view, it's too risky.

“You have to handle it. To maintain the health of the team, the focus in the Premier League. The Premier League always is the most important thing, the local competition because it is every weekend.


Nelson Akpo

Nelson Akpo

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