Cesc Fabregas slams racist chanting but stresses problem goes beyond Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas slams racist chanting but stresses problem goes beyond Chelsea Featured

By / Europa League / Sunday, 16 December 2018 12:01

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has expressed his disgust with the racist chanting coming from the away end on Thursday evening against MOL Vidi.

Chelsea were held 2-2 in Budapest but the game was overshadowed as reports emerged that a number of anti-Semitic chants were coming from the away fans.
Speaking after the game, Fabregas displayed his disappointment in those chanting but stressed that this was part of a wider, symptomatic issue in football, not Chelsea.

The incident comes in the same week when Chelsea supporters were caught on camera racially abusing Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling.
“I don't want that image anywhere,” Fabregas said afterwards.

"But I repeat: I think it's really unfair to point the finger at one football club, just because of one, two, three, four people … they don't deserve to be in the stadium. We all agree about that. If that means or this helps in this situation for this not to happen somewhere else, all over the world, not only in football, any kind of sport or social life. I'd be happy with this.

“If we have to be taught a lesson at Chelsea to improve whatever happens around the world, then I'm happy. But to point the finger at one football club because of three or four of these people, I don't think it's deserved and I don't agree with that.
“It's easy to point now at the Chelsea supporters that did that. Unfortunately this happens in many places. It's true it happened this weekend, we cannot deny that, but to point the finger at one football club because of that I think it's really unfair. There's an investigation, the club is dealing with this very, very well. Whatever needs to be done will be done. I've no doubt about that.

“When we cross the line with racism, it's too far, it shouldn't be allowed. The people that get caught, they will be punished and they will be taught a big lesson in their lives. I hope this will help for many other reasons in life.”
Fabregas made it clear that he had not heard that sort of chanting from Chelsea fans before and that he thinks it is a minority of supporters letting the majority down, a feeling echoed by the club.

“First time I hear about this,” Fabregas said. “All I can say is when I'm in the street, when I'm at Stamford Bridge, all over the world when we've travelled with Chelsea, they've been amazing to me and to the team.

“This is not the real face of Chelsea. I'm sorry to hear that. If something happened it will be dealt with. The focus now is on Chelsea for what happened. Unfortunately if we look around carefully all over the world, all sports, all football clubs, we will find things like that. The quicker we get rid of these people, the better.”



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